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What are septic tank pumps used for?

When people mention septic tank pumps, they often think of a device that is used in order to ensure that after a toilet is flushed, the process of breaking down the contents of a home’s septic system using increased air flow happens uninterrupted. This is definitely the case, but there are also other uses for these pumps - as well as other locations where they are useful. 

Put simply, these septic tank pumps are simply a means to disrupting the water and agitating it so that the bacteria and chemicals in it can do their job completely, breaking down solids and eventually eliminating them through a natural process. They are also responsible for moving the water within a specific chamber of the system from one area to the next, as well as to ensure that the water within the system doesn’t simply stay put - that it goes somewhere. The septic pump is not the same thing as an aerator, which is always inside of the system - septic system pumps can be installed inside of a tank, meaning that they can be submerged, or they can be outside of the tank, too. It all depends on need and the available space surrounding the tank itself. 

Using septic tank pumps in other locations

Outdoor ponds: Whether it’s a small garden pond or a larger on-property pond, septic system pumps can also be used to move water around in this instance, creating even a small amount of flow in an otherwise still body of water. The pump will move the water, and though it doesn’t get pumped out the same way it would from a septic system, the introduced air and currents within the water will keep bacteria from growing atop the water’s surface. 

Commercial buildings: Even though we tend to think of most commercial spaces as being attached to main sewer lines, this isn’t always the case, and sometimes, a commercial building will need to be attached to a septic system - and include a septic tank pump. This process works much the same way that in home septic tank pumps work, except they are often on a much larger scale. 

Irrigation systems: For some people, using a septic pump with an irrigation system is a solution that makes sense. While this might not work on a large farm or for very tempermental crops, the ability to have a small, compact pump that pushes a lot of water through it every hour is necessary. This is especially useful when farmland is located next to a natural body of water, meaning that this can be pumped instead of using water from a hose. 

Though there are other options for septic tank pumps, they were designed to be used within septic systems first and foremost, so that is where they will do the most good - and make the most sense to use. For more information, contact www.wastewaterpro.com and learn about the best septic pumps solutions for your home or business!